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Good day!

My name is Noelle Jade

Casual Trans (MtF) Catgirl :3

Im a fan of Touhou, Yugioh and Terraria.

I enjoy coding, though im not the best at it.

I hope you have a good day

The source for this site can be found at the following Github Repository

Current Project

Nexus Technicians

Nexus Technicians is a small games development team that me and a few others are working on. Our current project is a terraria mod named Metal X.

We seek to make purchasing games good once again, bring back the days of actually buying a game rather than a subscription and a promise to buy more of the game as it releases.

For more information when the page is finished please click the link in the navbar. This link is not available right now due to the WIP nature of the site.

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Noelle Jade

Birthday: 23/10/2005

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Country of residence: England

My Reasoning for this Site

This site has a lot of meaning to me as its the only little part of my life I feel I can control. Well, this site and my general online presence

This may seem a little freaky and as if I am a control freak but in the past I have had little to no actual control over what I can do, so I always hid the real me away in a screen and over the internet.

After meeting a few people I feel I can consider good friends I decided to make my own website, carve my own little space online for me to be the real me. Whatever you see of me online is the real unfiltered me, the pure chaotic energy of gay trans catgirls.

I can also use it as a little portfolio and honestly im really excited to grow and be more a member of the communities I am in and am looking at joining.

I know this might be a little heavy so thank you for your time. I hope you genuinely have an amazing day kind stranger.

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